2016 saw the 4th edition of the Berkshire Art Association’s “10×10 Real Party” go down for the second time in the Berkshire Museum’s cavernous Crane Room.  But with a record shattering 160+ submissions garnering a complete sellout in ticket sales, plus well-wishers and supporters attending, the cavern was well-brimmed and teaming with a boisterously excited crowd that made the venue seem nearly intimate, albeit in a shuffling, fluid way that shifted and swayed with the flow of activity. The crowd of eager ticket holders and enthusiastic scene-makers filtered in through the doors beginning at 6PM.  Whilst gnoshing, sipping, and pencil checking a master list, choicesRead More →


“Reimagined! An International Show of Comic and Cartoon Art” opened amidst streams of accolades in a very special costume party atmosphere on August 1, 2015.  The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts was the grand scene of engagement as fans and supporters convened to celebrate an international show of comics inspired work. Presented by the Berkshire Art Association (BAA) and the New York-based Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA), the show was curated by MoCCA Founder and BAA Board Member, Lawrence Klein, and included a fantastic selection of pieces by some of the top artists exhibited in a show Klein previously put together in Lisbon,Read More →