2013_"Refraction", photograph, 4"x5". (c)Vasilis P. Kostantinidis.

Call for BAA Fellowship Entries

Call for BAA Fellowship Entries

2013_”Refraction”, photograph, 4″x5″.  (c)Vasilis P. Kostantinidis.



The Berkshire Art Association has issued a call for entries for the 2014 juried BAA College Fellowship Show.

Up to $5,000 in prizes will be awarded to Berkshire college art students whose work is selected for the annual BAA Fellowship Show.  The BAA Fellowship Show will run from April 6 – 26, 2014, at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, 28 Renne Avenue in Pittsfield with an Awards Reception on April 12, Saturday, from 4-6 pm.

BAA President Mary Rentz noted that, “The BAA feels it is particularly important to encourage college students who are pursuing visual arts.  We need their creative vision in our contemporary world.”

The Fellowship is open to Berkshire County students enrolled in art at any college in the country, as well as to non-residents currently studying art at a Berkshire County college – Berkshire Community College, MCLA, Williams, and Simon’s Rock.

Submission deadline is March 4, 2014.  Entry is by a CD portfolio of recent, related artwork.  A gallery of recent BAA Fellowship recipients and this year’s application form are on the “Berkshire Art” Facebook page and BAA’s website – berkshireartassociation.org.

The BAA Fellowship is funded in part by an endowment and donations.  In 2014, proceeds from the February sale of 10×10 inch art donated by artists will support the Fellowship.  The 10×10 RAP at the Berkshire Museum presented in collaboration with Storefront Artist Project is part of the City of Pittsfield’s 10×10 Festival.

For additional information, visit berkshireartassociation.org.


Questions – Contact Mary Rentz, marylrentz@gmail.com or info@berkshireart.org.