BAA Open Call RE:FRESH 2022 Biennial

BAA Biennial Show 2022: RE:FRESH

BAA Biennial Show 2022: RE:FRESH

RE*fresh speaks of the challenges, inspirations and new possibilities presented of the past two years.

Guest jurors Kinney Freylinguysen, artist and director of the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio, Lenox, Massachusetts, and Genevieve Gaignard, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles and Massachusetts. Artists Kasha Cooper and Julia Eisen-Lester were chosen to receive Juror Awards. Kasha Cooper, of Glendale, Massachusetts, will be showing her painting, Together We Grow. The Married Couple is the title of the painting by Yonkers, New York artist Julie Eisen-Lester. 

Berkshire County artists in RE*fresh are Carolyn Abrams, Karen Bognar-Khan, Marguerite Bride, Joan Burkhard, Kasha Cooper, Kit Curry, Margaret Dotchin, Patricia Frik, Adrian Holmes, Marion Grant, Sarah Horne, Karen Kane, Ronald Maitland, John Mancia, Mark Mellinger, Alan Papscun, Ivor Parry, Barbara Patton, Janet Pumphrey,  Ilene Richard, William Riley, Stacey Silkey Schultze, Ilene Spiewak, Kyle Strack, Scott Taylor, Jay Tobin, Jesse Tobin McCauley, Diane Wespiser and Terri Wise.

Artists from the greater Northeast region include, Carrie Crane, Lydia Kinney, Julie Eisen-Lester, Joan Lengel, Kristina McComb, Janell O’Rourke, and Meg Rogers Eldredge.

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