"Golden Red", painting. (c) Maya Lama, 2009

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Photo of Karen Carmean

Biographical Info

Always drawing and painting, I am now involved with the Guild of Berkshire Artists and love encouraging others do do art and follow their passion. Color and reflected light excite me. Studying pieces of fruit and flowers, I search for different colors and reflected light. While painting my first pineapple, I was fascinated by the yellow-orange gold breaking through the cracks in the pineapple like magma under a volcanic crust. I have been exploring colors and textures since then. I like to take one shape like a pineapple, pear or amaryllis and explore its colors and shapes and textures. I also love landscapes and portrait painting. About ten years ago Emily Sander inspired me to consider showing my work when she suggested I might start planning for a show in two years. Minga Claggett-Born encouraged me to consider joy in my priorities. If you enjoy seeing, doodling, working with your hands, would you consider sharing your joy? I use a limited palette which enables me to explore the world of color. I use a portable system of painting which allows me to get outside and paint in different locations with minimal set up time. My mother was a water colorist who encouraged her children to paint. My mother took lessons from the author of the classic book The Natural Way to Draw [now available on the web for free]. Ms. Carmean studied at the Studio School at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. She lives with her husband, photographer Doane Perry.

Categories: Painting - Oils