"Golden Red", painting. (c) Maya Lama, 2009

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Claudia Clark

Adams, MA
Website: http://www.claudiaclarkart.com/
Photo of Claudia Clark

Biographical Info

A self-taught artist, Claudia immersed herself in traditional watercolor after retiring from a career as a computer professional. Recently, she discovered digital painting – a combination of art and science that is a good fit.

Claudia’s figurative, loosely representational style springs from a desire to capture and communicate everyday life moments. Spontaneous gestures, and the simple play of light, color, and shapes delight her.

Many artists influence Claudia. She loves Jeanne Dobie’s vibrant color palettes, the way Vermeer captures light, and the tonal subtlety in works by James Whistler, John Singer Sargent and Giorgio Morandi. Kim English, a current favorite, conveys a mood in a few single strokes and a simple style.

Claudia is currently working on a series of paintings that portray her recent 500-mile backpacking pilgrimage across Spain. The original artworks and an art journal book (“Las Chicas Doradas en el Camino de Santiago) will be available in 2019.

Categories: Digital, Painting - Watercolor