Board of Directors

We, as members of the board of the Berkshire Art Association  stand united in our sadness and outrage over the senseless killings of Black Americans whose lives have been cut short by continued acts of racial violence. We decry the injustice that infects our community and  pervades our institutions. We stand in solidarity with protestors in the United States, the world, and in our own community as we make our voices heard.  It is the sincere hope of the BAA that we recognize our collective responsibility to build an equitable society for everybody.

Art does not exist independently from current events.

Art is a powerful tool that can engage our hearts and minds.

Let us not be daunted by the world’s grief and unrest.

Board of Directors


Mary Beth Eldridge
Vice President
Michael Vincent Bushy
Vice President
Mark Tomasi
Denise Roszkowski
Barbara Patton


Susan Aldam
Elizabeth Bevilacqua
Linda Briggs
Rick Casucci
Lawrence Klein
Jayme Kurland
Heather Lane
Tammara Leminen
Peter Long
Brody McCauley
Jesse Tobin McCauley
Sean McCusker
Janel Munoa
Carolyn Newberger
Mary Rentz
Denise Roszkowski
Ilene Spiewak
Danielle Steinmann
Stephanie Van Bramer
Carrie Wright