2015 Fellowship Show Awards Ceremony

2015 Fellowship Show Awards Ceremony

The Berkshire Art Association Fellowship Show has traditionally been held in the middle of April; last year’s was on the 12th, as spring was just starting to take hold in Berkshire County.  But April is a difficult month for college students; our Fellowship Show bumped into campus art shows, final projects, graduation planning, and the sheer fatigue of its participants as they dragged themselves through the final weeks of the school year, unable to think about anything but the beacon of summer vacation.  So this year we held the annual ceremony on Friday March 6th, and what a difference a month made!  There was still at least a foot of snow on the ground, and spring is nothing but a distant rumor.  That did nothing to dispel the festivities of the 2015 BAA Fellowship Awards Show at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts. There were plenty of people willing to brave the cold to attend the event, which showcases the juried artwork of talented local students currently attending college full-time and majoring in Fine Art.

The result is always a spectacularly diverse exhibit featuring works in all the current trends in contemporary art, from fine-line pen and ink sketches to large-scale cubism, from the bold, bright hues of impressionist-style portraiture to black-and-white abstracts.  Tiny colored collages hung beside huge macro-photographs; one wall sported a multimedia assemblage mixing ceramics with crochet, while another was home to an interactive display urging gallery-goers to contribute coloring-book pages (an uncolored stack of images and a variety of crayons, colored pencils and markers are provided) to the “on-going story” of drawings clipped to a double clothes-line.

This year’s award winning artists were Caitlin Belk, Emily Boughton, Shelagh Conley, Denis Sinclair, and Aria Hatfield from MCLA; Ruby Jackson from Bard College; and Angelina Lin, Katherine Mooney, Amalie Dougish, Clover Powell, Cary Hairfield, and Madison Weist from Williams College.  A total of $5000 was awarded to the students chosen for this year’s Fellowship Show.

From one of the participating students, “Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible show.  Having my name on the wall was an unforgettable experience and I am so lucky to have had this opportunity.  The BAA Fellowship is a wonderful program and I am thrilled to have been a part of it this year.”

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Blog post by Tammara Leminen via arts indie.  Photographs by Leo Mazzeo via arts indie.