10×10 RAP 2016

10×10 RAP 2016

2016 saw the 4th edition of the Berkshire Art Association’s “10×10 Real Party” go down for the second time in the Berkshire Museum’s cavernous Crane Room.  But with a record shattering 160+ submissions garnering a complete sellout in ticket sales, plus well-wishers and supporters attending, the cavern was well-brimmed and teaming with a boisterously excited crowd that made the venue seem nearly intimate, albeit in a shuffling, fluid way that shifted and swayed with the flow of activity.

The crowd of eager ticket holders and enthusiastic scene-makers filtered in through the doors beginning at 6PM.  Whilst gnoshing, sipping, and pencil checking a master list, choices were made and heads were turned at the pre-designated kickoff time of 7PM to better tune in to hear which were the coveted first number drawings.

One by one, the artwork came off the walls and started the acquainting process with their new owners; many excitedly found the creating artists and scurried through the social media process to proudly proclaim their new $25 addition to their art collections.  And yes, if one keeps buying a ticket or two or a dozen even, one can build a really strong collection of first-rate work from top area artists.

2016 indeed was a banner year for the event, with the record setting ticket sales resulting in a record setting donation to the venerable arts organization.  Huge kudos to all that came, saw, and participated!

Blog post and photographs by Leo Mazzeo via arts indie.