"I Have Heard of Your Paintings", oil, 24"x23". (c)Amalie Dougish.

2015 Fellowship Show

2015 Fellowship Show

BAA Fellowship Recipients, 2015

Caitlin Belk, New Lebanon, NY
Senior, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Emily Boughton, Athol, MA
Senior, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
drawing, digital

Shelagh Conley, Saratoga Springs, NY
Senior, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Amalie Dougish, Stockton, CA
Sophomore, Williams College

Cary Wade Hairfield, Richmond, VA
Senior, Williams College
mixed-media, oils, photograph

Aria Hatfield, Worcester, MA
Senior, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
drawing, ink

Ruby Jackson, Williamstown, MA
Senior, Bard College
sculpture, wood, ceramic, fiber

Angelina Lin, Morganville, NJ
Junior, Williams College
black & white photograph

Katherine Mooney, Princeton, NJ
Junior, Williams College
drawing, charcoal

Clover Powell
Junior, Williams College
drawing, ink, mixed-media

Denis Sinclair, Pepperell, MA
Senior, Williams College
acrylic gouache on water color paper

Madison Weist, Westfield, NJ
Senior, Williams College

"Undone", mixed-media, 5"x7"x3". (c)Caitlin Belk.

"Why So Unhappy (Interactive Page)", digital, 10"x8". (c)Emily Boughton.

"Aroha", acrylic, 16"x20". (c)Shelagh Conley.

"Thicket", oil, 22"x30". (c)Cary Hairfield.

"Isaac", ink, 16"x13". (c)Aria Hatfield.

"Hawaii Still", wood, 20"x16". (c)Ruby Jackson.

"Dreams II", photograph, 8"x10". (c)Angelina Lin.

"Steampunk Automaton", charcoal, 20"x30". (c)Katherine Mooney.

"Waah", ink, 22"x30". (c)Clover Powell.

"The Witch", ink, 14"x11". (c)Denis Sinclair.

"Martyrdom III", oil, 48"x29". (c)Madison Weist.

"Undone", mixed-media, 5"x7"x3". (c)Caitlin Belk."Why So Unhappy (Interactive Page)", digital, 10"x8". (c)Emily Boughton."Aroha", acrylic, 16"x20". (c)Shelagh Conley."Thicket", oil, 22"x30". (c)Cary Hairfield."Isaac", ink, 16"x13". (c)Aria Hatfield."Hawaii Still", wood, 20"x16". (c)Ruby Jackson."Dreams II", photograph, 8"x10". (c)Angelina Lin."Steampunk Automaton", charcoal, 20"x30". (c)Katherine Mooney."Waah", ink, 22"x30". (c)Clover Powell."The Witch", ink, 14"x11". (c)Denis Sinclair."Martyrdom III", oil, 48"x29". (c)Madison Weist.