10×10 RAP 2015

10×10 RAP 2015

With the third edition of the Berkshire Art Association/Storefront Artist Project collaboration for the “10×10 Real Art Party”, the event has now become a regular and highly anticipated staple on the regional arts scene. Top area artists, as well as talented newcomers, donated work with 10”x10” dimensions in a broad range of mediums to fill the wall space of the Crane Room in the Berkshire Museum, an exciting and prestigious change of venue for the event.

As with previous years, ARTIX were sold to the general public at $25 a piece, with a ticket purchase guaranteeing a piece of artwork, since the number of tickets sold were equal to the number of pieces that were hung. Admission to the event, though, as always, was free of charge so that all that had an interest were able to attend; the room was well-filled with energized ticket holders, well-wishers, and artists.

Soon after the 5:30PM starting time, the vaunted and cavernous main upstairs gallery filled quickly with party-goers eagerly circling the room and eagerly circling choices on their programs, heavily anticipating the announced 7PM drawing time. Delectable hors d’oeuvres, soft drinks, and selections from Big Elm Brewing and Balderdash Cellars accompanied the countdown and bonhomie.

After opening statements from BAA President Mary Rentz and incoming president Danielle Steinman, the drawing proper kicked off with the first ticket selected and the first number announced.

One by one, with oohs and sighs abounding, the pieces were delegated to their new homes and the guarantee of a splendid time for all was thoroughly realized. Hope to see you next year!

Blog post and photographs by Leo Mazzeo via arts indie.